The Come Here Command

Hey you, come here!First of all, there is no Come Here command. At best, it’s a Come Here suggestion. In a dog’s world you don’t do anything without asking yourself, “What’s in it for me?” If there is something positive or potentially positive, then the suggestion might be obeyed. For instance, when a human has a treat in their hand, a dog biscuit let’s say, and they give the Come Here suggestion, it’s a no brainer.

Now let’s take that same suggestion when I’m outside off my leash and playing with another dog. We’re chasing each other and having a good old time and some dumb human (no offense, Dad, hehe) yells out, “Come Here!” Not only is this a suggestion, not a command, but it’s a bad suggestion. I’m not going to call time out from my running and chasing to stop and come to Dad or anyone else.

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