I Forgot Why I Came Outside


I’m a dog and I still have some puppy in me. At least that’s what they tell me. I have a lot of energy and can start running in circles for no apparent reason. Today I’m going to talk about going outside to do my business. In the future I’d like to talk about how I go about letting Dad know I’ve got to go out, but today it’s all about what happens when we get out there.

I have a fairly short attention span. As soon as I get outside my nose goes to work and I need to catch up on all the wonderful smells. This is one of the really cool things about being a dog. You wouldn’t believe the smells. Humans would think the majority of them are foul but to a dog they are pure heaven.

In fact some of my favorite smells are foul. Let’s see.. There’s dried vomit, rotten food, sewers and septic tanks and poop of any kind. Poop is about the only part of a cat that dogs find interesting. But that’s just a small list.
Just about anything that comes out of a baby smells good. Things that get left out in the sun on a hot day usually smell pretty good. Most anything past its expiration date smells good. You get the basic idea.
Like I said, when I get outside my nose goes into high gear. Sure, there was that urge to go potty but there are so many things out here I kind of start to let my mind wander as I continue to get stimulus from all possible angles. There might be other dogs outside. Oh boy! Let’s go say hi. Or there might be squirrels lurking just out of reach.
There might be other people out and about. They are always fun to check out. Many of them are nice and like to see a cute doggie like me. I can never resist free petting so I take advantage when I can. When we get closer to the lake, there are almost always ducks and geese out. I always think I can catch them but somehow they take flight just before I get there.


This is about the time I start to hear Dad getting frustrated. It’s been five or ten minutes and we’ve been out here in the great outdoors and I’ve completely forgotten why I came outside. It was to play, right? No? Then it must have been to go for a walk, right? No? Hmm. I’m not good at these guessing games.

Oh yeah! Now I remember. I came out here to do some business. Well I can’t just go right here. I’ve got to find a good spot. Everyone knows – dogs at least – that you can’t just go anywhere. It has to be in the right place. Sometimes that place is right here close by and sometimes we have to do some searching. If we go searching, I run the risk of forgetting yet again why I came outside. The whole sensory stimulus thing starts over again and the risk of forgetting rears its ugly head.

As a dog, this is the way it should be. Eventually, nature will tell me it’s time to go and it will just happen. You can’t force things like this. I know I may have begged to come out but everything has to be prioritized. Going potty had high priority inside but out here, it might be fourth or fifth on my list. Bear with me Dad. I’ll get to it!

PS None of the dog noses you see above are actually me. I’m sure Dad has some pictures of my nose but it was easier to grab a few from the internet!

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