Famous Dogs – Huckleberry Hound


Okay so he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. But Huckleberry Hound has been around forever and has to make the list of top dogs. He’s about the friendliest, easy-going dog you’ll ever run across. Being so nice, he would probably never make a very good watchdog!

The thing that strikes you first about old Huck is his southern drawl. Maybe someone can enlighten me but that has to be about as far south as you can get! When you think of a southern accent, that’s one for sure. I’ve never heard him bark. I wonder if he barks with a southern drawl. Hmm.


Huck never seemed to get too excited. Things would go on around him and he didn’t seem to be aware of anything. But whatever it was, it always worked out in the end, usually with the bad guy getting his just desserts.

Of course nobody can hear Oh My Darling Clementine without thinking of Huckleberry Hound’s rendition. No offense to Connie Francis but the Huckleberry Hound version is my favorite. He has kind of a tin ear so he isn’t always right on key. I guess that’s what gives it the charm it has.

Click Here for Oh My Darling, Clementine Video


Huckleberry Hound. If I was going to have a poker game (and take a photo so I could make it into a velvet poster) I would invite Huck for sure. He’s a good old boy, win or lose!

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