R.I.P. Buddy

I have a sad story to report so if you are the type who doesn’t care for such things, you don’t have to read this one. This is a story I read in the St. Louis Post Dispatch about a fellow dog whose name was Buddy. Buddy was a ten-year-old golden retriever who was killed by another dog at a dog park in Wentzville, Missouri. He was described as a friendly, family dog, which is easy to believe since most golden retrievers I’ve known are pretty cool.
The other dog was a great Dane whose owner left the dog park quickly after the fight and before others could question him. Fortunately the owner did the right thing and turned the dog in later after public pressure.

Dog fights happen in dog parks all the time. It’s part of the experience. Most are broken up quickly and seldom is there harm done. However there are some individual dogs that should not be allowed to socialize with others.

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