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IMG_4402I have several toys that I love, so it’s kind of hard to choose an absolute favorite. I’m going to talk about one of my toys that’s right up there near the top. It’s my piggy. I’ve had at least four and possibly five of them. I still have the partials of three of them. I still love to get them out and play with them.

Actually I have to confess a problem with my piggies. You see, when they are new, you can bite them and they make a low grunting noise like a real pig. I’m not sure if I really like it or really don’t like it but no matter, I just can’t bite it enough. I have destroyed the noise maker in every one of my piggies. The last two took me only 30 and 15 minutes, respectively.

There’s something sinister and evil about a toy that makes a low pitched oink and I just have a need to get to the bottom of it. I know the grunting sound comes from near his snout so that’s where I focus my effort. He mocks me by oinking as I chew away but I get the last laugh because soon I tear enough of a hole in it to get to the oink apparatus.


Once I get that, it’s only a matter of a couple minutes before it is completely non-functioning. Take that you oink-making thingy! The cool part is, after the pig has been permanently silenced, we become good friends. Like I said, they are among my favorites. Dad likes to take the hollow pig skin and stuff it with a tennis ball or some of my other toys. Then I get to play with it while I try to pull out the stuffing. Great fun.

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The other thing Dad does is hold one of the piggies up to his mouth and make the oink oink sound they used to make. That basically drives me crazy and I have to grab it and give it a good shaking. Dad seems to get a kick out of it but I take it seriously. A dead pig is supposed to stay dead. I can’t have it coming back to life and grunting while on my watch!

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I may go days or even weeks without touching my piggies. Then out of the blue, I’ll get the urge to play and I’ll find them in my toy box. One of my favorite tricks is to slobber all over the smooth piggy skin and then bring it to Dad who then has to touch the slimy piggy! I don’t understand why he doesn’t get the same joy out of it that I do.

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One thought on “My Toys – Piggies

  1. Love the first video of her giving you “that look”. Also the different state of deterioration of each of the piggies is very, very impressive.

    For Porter it’s dryer sheets. He has a sixth sense when one of us leaves the bathroom door open by mistake. He quietly slinks in when we have our backs turned and gently extracts a used dryer sheet from the garbage pail leaving the rest of the goodies untouched. Now I’ve read that dryer sheets are a big no no for puppies. So far to date, he’s torn apart a gaggle of them. He like Charlie seems to get bored with his toys.

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