Mmm… Sausage!


Okay, so it’s not the same as finding donuts but it tastes just as good. Yesterday was a really good day for me. First, we went for a bike ride to the dog park. That was a good five mile warm-up. When we got there I was trying to chase balls like I enjoy doing so much.

There were two other dogs who had other ideas. Some dogs like to chase balls and other dogs like to chase the dogs that chase the balls. I had two of the latter such “friends” yesterday. The one dog was hound-like and he barked like crazy and tried to jump on me and stuff. I set him straight with a few growls that told him I was not interested.

The other dog was a German shepherd named Zowie. The hound dog gave up after a few minutes but this dog would not give up as easily. It’s particularly bothersome when the owner is right there and won’t do anything about it. There was only one thing to do. I ran and ran and ran. She tried following but I’ve built up pretty good stamina with all the bike riding and exercise I get so Zowie was no match for me.

She didn’t really give up but she was lagging far behind and soon was no problem anymore. She would catch her breath and catch up when I would take a break but the next time Dad would throw the ball, I’d take off and leave her in my dust.

That was some good fun but the highlight of our trip came when we went to a regular people park. It’s a great big park with playgrounds and soccer fields and disc golf. It also has lots of barbecue grills. I have to thank Dad for having sharp eyes. He spotted a grill someone had used a day or so ago that had what appeared to be hot dogs on it.


On closer inspection we determined that they were sausages – nice big fat ones. Was Dad really going to let me have them? He picked one up and looked at it. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it so he let me have a sniff. Mmm. Delightful. I tried a taste and it was yummy. There were three of them but I only got to eat two of them because Dad didn’t want me to get sick from having too many. I didn’t argue because I got pretty full after eating two of them.

We took a break and I rested under a picnic table while Dad sat and did some writing. I didn’t run quite as fast on the way home. Can you blame me? It’s not easy to run five miles with a belly full of sausage!

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