Mmm… Donuts!

It wasn’t the nicest day yesterday because we didn’t see much of the sun.  But then again, it was the last day of February and it was close to 60 degrees.  That makes it hard to complain.

Dad had a few errands to run so we went for a walk and took care of them on foot.  We walked along the greenbelt until we got to Veteran’s Park which we cut through to get to State Street.  On our way through the park, Dad spotted something on a picnic table.  Could it be?  We got closer and it was confirmed – someone left half a pack of donuts!

What a score!  I didn’t see them until Dad told me to check it out.  I sniffed all around the bottom of the table expecting to find something nasty on the ground.  Then I looked higher and could not believe my nose!  Donuts!


I immediately thought of Homer Simpson and the noise he would have made.  Click on the Homer Simpson below to hear a YouTube sample:

Homer Simpson

I climbed up on the table and looked at my gift from heaven.  They looked as if they had been there less than a day. I tried to gulp one down quickly but it wasn’t that easy.  I sure could have used some milk to wash it down!

I did my best and munched a couple more bites.  Dad didn’t want me to get sick so he didn’t let me finish the whole thing.  There were about three donuts there and I got to eat two of them.  I didn’t mind leaving the rest because I was pretty full.

Dad is thinking of making a cake tomorrow. I told him that since I got to eat donuts that he should get to eat cake. When we got to the end of our walk, I played fetch in the parking lot.  That was a great way to finish!