Dog Park Day


Yesterday was nice enough to take a bike ride to the dog park. Dad (That’s what I call my pet human, Mike) put the harness on me and away we went. He said his broken arm hurt a little bit but I promised not to do anything crazy to make him hurt it more.

It was 60 degrees and mostly sunny. Perfect weather for a bike ride, though I honestly prefer it a little cooler. But that’s just me. I’m sure Dad was happy and would have liked it even warmer.

We took a gallon jug of water with us since they turn off the faucets when it gets cold. The dog park we usually visit is a little more than five miles from home. We rode mostly on the greenbelt by the Boise River and then took side streets the rest of the way for the last mile or so.

When we got there, the place was full of dogs and many came to the double gates to greet us. I made my way in quickly so I could say hi to as many dogs as possible. It wasn’t long before I got down to business and let Dad know I wanted to fetch some tennis balls.

Since it was pretty crowded, we walked out into the open area and found a couple of balls to play with. Dad was happy that it wasn’t too muddy. Sometimes it can be and I go home dirty. That’s no fun. Today it was dry and the hard dirt helped the balls to bounce high.

Let me explain my ball fetching technique. Dad throws the ball and I go running after it. So far so good. But what we like to do is time it so the ball is far enough ahead of me that it bounces once and then I like to leave my feet and jump up and catch it in my mouth. I’ve gotten pretty good at it and it takes a little skill on both our parts to pull it off. I will add a video when I get a chance.

I was having a good time doing this until a little white dog started to chase me and wanted to be my buddy. She tried to interfere with me when I would try to chase the ball. I was a lot bigger than her so it wasn’t that bad but she was being a pest. I think I heard her owner call her Calli. I don’t know if that’s how you spell it but that’s how it sounded.

There were a couple of young boys, about six and eight years old I would guess. They were gathering balls for Dad. As I said before, there were a lot of other dogs, so one time the older boy wasn’t looking and he got run into by another dog. The dog wasn’t very big but it knocked the boy over and he was scared and started crying. His mother saw it happen and told the boy not to cry.

I get pretty tired when I chase balls and today was no exception. After a few dozen fetches, Dad took me to get some water. I have my own technique for drinking water. I like to lay down and take huge gulps until I get my fill. People think it’s pretty funny but I don’t care. I’ll see if Dad will take a video of me doing it some day.


We went home after a few more catches. I stole one of the tennis balls on my way out. Dad wanted me to drop it but I wanted it so he let me take it. I carried it all the way home in my mouth which is not the most comfortable thing to do. I managed it though and added it to my collection. I have somewhere around eight to ten balls now.

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