This Kong would taste a lot better with some peanut butter!

This Kong would taste a lot better with some peanut butter!

Well, I’ve struggled a bit, as might be expected since it’s really hard to type with paws!  But seriously, I have not had the easiest go of things.  First I discovered that the website I thought I had submitted came out differently.  I wanted CharlieTheDog.com and discovered it was actually CharleTheDog.com.  No way to determine if I made the mistake or not.  As they say, it is what it is.

I feel like I’ve had to work like a dog just to get this far.  I guess that’s good since I am a dog.  But even if I were a human, it would feel like I’ve worked like a dog.  I don’t think I’ll have any interesting things to talk about myself this time.  I just wanted to get that first blog out there and let everyone know I’m here. I promise lots of interesting stuff in the future!

And just because I’ve struggled does not mean I’m going to give up easily!  I’ve got quite a backlog of post topics I want to share.  I bet you’re thinking I’m just another cute doggie with an attitude – and you’d be right!  But I’m a little more than that.

My human, Mike is kind of one of those brainy nerd types, but sometimes he has some good ideas and I like his sense of humor.  He can come up with some zingers sometimes.  Also, he seems to get me.  Not many people out there understand my complex nature.  I’m a thinking dog’s dog.  At least that’s what he tells me.

Anyway, I’m going to try to put out new posts on a regular basis and I’m going to try to nurture a healthy following.  I know things are cluttered and awkward and it feels like I’ve just moved into a new kennel.  But bear with me.  We can get through this.  I am going to share stuff with you as it develops.

This should be a lot of fun so come on along and enjoy the ride.




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  1. I like your blog site so far and have read them all. I guess I’m your grandma and I’ll have to read your posts to grandpa. I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of them.

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